We here at Virtual Shenanigans love to entertain and interact with readers and our community – and sometimes we’re asked “How can I help your website stay above water?” Well to you Mr. and Miss Hypothetical Reader I say with the utmost respect for you wanting to help us out that there are a few ways you can do your part if something we’ve done has changed your mood for the better (or worse if you’re into that kind of thing) and here’s how:

In the very near future we’ll have donation options for services like Paypal if you’d like to donate monetary support for the site. Donations of this nature go toward the ever present costs of hosting fees and fun things like future contest prizes. With technology improving at an always rapid pace we are hopeful our monetary donation options will soon include things like donations via smoke signal, carrier pigeon and the one we’re most excited about – cans tied together by string. Incredible!

One of the biggest ways of all that you can do your part to help us out if you enjoy our content is to toss us a few clicks when you see this at the bottom of an article that you think deserves to be in front of more eyeballs:

We’d definitely appreciate the word of mouth (er.. typing fingers?) and more views are always a good thing. Any parent views their own children as being the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen but until we see our own articles being passed around like the easy date on prom night we never truly know what works and what doesn’t from steady regular readers to casual ones. We’re doing this for you (and slightly less importantly to entertain ourselves in the meantime) so let us know what features, reviews and other articles you’ve enjoyed.

You can also help us out just by joining our community and posting your thoughts on whatever you’d like to discuss. Has an article we’ve posted stirred up some thoughts? You can either leave a comment below the article for shorter thoughts you may have or you can use the thread for the article on the community discussion forum for a more in depth conversation. Have an idea for a discussion, community game or anything else you’d like to throw against the wall and see if it sticks? We’d like to see it!

From all of us here – thank you for your support regardless of how big or small the contribution. All of it matters.

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