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The Villain Handbook (Rules, Help, Etc)
09-28-2010, 02:43 PM
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[Image: handbooklogo.png]

Welcome to The Villain Handbook - our catch all section for things like rules, helpful tips on how to make your forum experience not suck and anything else that we deem important or that you should probably know. If you have something that you'd like to see added here please feel free to contact me or or any other member of our staff and we'll see that we get the information you need added as soon as the bars kick us out in the wee hours of the morning.

[Image: ruleslogo.png]

First and foremost, we've got some rules. Not many, mind you - and most of them are of the "don't be an asshole and use your common sense" variety, but there are a few. Do us a favor and read the following list and make sure that you don't find yourself breaking them - we're lazy and banning people requires more mouse clicks than we're normally comfortable with.

General Rules For The Virtual Shenanigans Dot Com Website Thingy

1. Don't post like an asshole. This one is really simple - use complete sentences, punctuation and just try to put a bit of effort into your posts and we will throw roses at your feet, dance at your wedding and all kinds of other mock-grateful nonsense. Don't and we tend to go in the opposite direction and who knows where that will end up. The sky is the limit!

2. Keep it fairly work safe and legal. Don't post pornographic material, shock links or images or links to pirated files. We'd rather you not even discuss pirating files or any other theft of copyrighted content. If there is questionable material that needs to be seen in order to contribute to a discussion topic or to enforce a point please tag it NOT WORK SAFE and just post a clickable link without displaying the image directly in the thread.

3. English is our primary language. All forum areas are primarily discussed using the Queen's English unless otherwise noted. There may be discussions centered around other languages and at those points feel free to use whatever language the context allows.

4. Don't be a creep. Females post here. Don't scare them away by being a weirdo - it's that simple. Don't post your own personal details or the personal information of others regardless of how much you think that ex who dumped you deserves it. And lastly - the staff here are great people that volunteer their time to keep some outline of order in all this chaos so don't dick around wasting their time breaking what few simple rules we have here and know that they're all fair and level headed. If something negative happened to your account there is a pretty good chance you earned it.

5. Don't spam or otherwise advertise without administrator permission.
Chances are if you are breaking this one you aren't here to do anything other than drop a link or key words for some stupid dick pill site anyway - but if you sign up only to post links or otherwise try to direct traffic from this forum to your website you'll be banned, your posts will be deleted and you'll have wasted your time. We catch this stuff really quickly so it's pretty pointless.

[Image: commonlogo.png]

Oh God I'm Not Good At These Internets What Does This Button Do

Avatars: If you've just signed up you'll see that you've been given a default display icon that shows above your posts - and you've probably had someone say "get yourself an avatar and get to posting" or something similar. But how do we go about getting one?

If you look to the top left of any screen while navigating the forum you'll notice a link labeled 'User Settings' like so:

[Image: avatar1.png]

Clicking on 'User Settings' will give you access to your User Control Panel. In this screen you'll find an option on the left around the middle of the page to change your avatar:

[Image: avatar2.png]

Click to change your avatar and you'll be brought to this next screen:

[Image: avatar3.png]

Here you'll have one of three options.

1. Gallery - You can choose to use an avatar from the default gallery (the base generic avatar for new members that don't choose one of their own)

2. Upload Avatar - You can choose to upload an avatar to be stored in our database. This is the best option - online photo storage sites are notoriously unstable and usually end up deleting your image causing your avatar not to display. Using this method cuts out the middleman and allows the avatar to be stored directly in our avatar image database. No fuss, no mess. Brilliant!

3. Avatar URL - You can link to an image stored on an outside site. This is the least preferred method for the reasons listed above. If your external storage site deletes your avatar or you (for whatever reason) decide to delete it from their site - we end up looking at a broken image. This is an option we allow, but discourage.

Regardless of what method you choose, your avatar will need to fall under certain size restrictions or it will be rejected. What are they you may ask? Oh gosh, I'm so excited to tell you!

Avatar Size Limits And Restrictions

1. No larger in dimensions than 125 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall. 125x150 will look like this:

[Image: avexample.png]

2. No larger in file size than 85kb.

That's it! Wasn't that easy? Of course it was, stop being a baby.

Private Messages:

If a member has chosen to send you a private message you'll be notified in the top right hand corner of any page:

[Image: pm.png]

Clicking the 'Private Messages' link will take you to your private messaging screen. From there you can manage your messages, read messages that have been sent to you and send messages to others. You can also access private messaging by clicking on the 'User Settings' link at the top left of your screen.

Why does my message total jump by two each time I get a message? Chances are you've got an option ticked to save a copy of each of your sent messages, and these messages are counted in your total. Deleted messages in your 'Trash Can' are counted in your total as well until you fully remove them.

Why can't I add a signature to my posts?

Simple answer: because they clutter up the forums, often times they house nothing but obnoxious images that we have to police for content and size, they are often times only used for advertising for malicious websites and they were eliminated to keep the forums as sleek and eye pleasing as possible.

Why Isn't My Post Count Increasing When I Post?

If you are posting on the forums and your post count is not increasing, chances are you are posting the The Loony Bin subforum. Posts are not added to your total count when posting in this subforum as it is mostly for low effort and copy paste posting and does not count toward earning your mustache. Quality over quantity!

Arg My Eyes! This Place Is So Bright!

In an effort to look modern and to better match the home page the forum theme's background is white. I know that some folks enjoy darker themes and one is definitely on the list of features to be added in the near future. In the day and age of sparkly vampires, no one wants to look like a Twilight fan forum. So in the meantime, don't be a Nancy about it, ok?

Codes You Can Use In Your Posts:

There are lots of formatting codes that you can use to spice up your posts. They include:

[b]Your text here[/b]  - This will make your text bold.
[i]Your text here[/i]  - This will put your text in italics.
[u]Your text here[/u]  - This will underline your text.
[url][/url]   - This will add a clickable link to your post.
[url=]Your text here[/url]  - This will add a clickable link made of the text you specify.
[quote]Your text here[/quote]   - This will add a quote to your post.
[quote=Author]Your text here[/quote]  - This will quote a specific person.
[img][/img]  - This will 'hotlink' and image to display in your post.
[color=red]Your text here[/color]  - This will change the color of your text.
[size=3]Your text here[/size]  - This will change the size of your text.
[align=center]Your text here[/align]  - This will give your text an alignment.
[align=center][img][/img][/align]  - This will center an image.
[spoiler]Your text or image here[/spoiler]   - This will create a clickable spoiler tag to hide something.
[spoiler=Your Title Text Here]What you want spoiled[/spoiler]  - This will create a clickable spoiler with the title text you specify.

How Do I Add A Video To My Post?

Simply put - you just copy paste the address of the video from your browser and post it in the thread. If it's one of the many sites we have already indexed to automatically embed the video, it'll show up like we're using some sort of gnarly witchcraft. For example:


Will show up as:

Sites supported include:
Youtube, Facebook, Google Video, College Humor, Metacafe, Veoh, Gametrailers, Funny Or Die,, Myspace, Daily Motion, Comedy Central and more!

Earning Your 'Stache:

As a member you may have noticed that under your name on every one of your posts is a badge with a peculiar white line jutting to the left - this is the entry level piece of your official Virtual Shenanigans Villain mustache. As your post count increases you'll earn up to three more pieces of your mustache and eventually you'll join the ranks of Sam Elliot, Tom Selleck and Daniel Day Lewis in the land of manly mustachioed fellows (or fellettes!)

The ranks break down like so:

[Image: onestar.png]

New Villain In Training
Post Requirement: 0

[Image: twostars.png]

Somewhat Sinister
Post Requirement: 100

[Image: threestars.png]

Diligent And Dastardly
Post Requirement: 250

[Image: fourstars.png]

Delightfully Dangerous
Post Requirement: 500

[Image: sixstars.png]

Veteran Of Villany
Post Requirement: 1000

Once you earn your mustache - you've earned our respect! Or some sort of STD. Either way, it's the gift that keeps on giving.

[Image: didlogo.png]

Various Crap To Make Your Forum Experience Better

Differences In Browsers:

One of the most glaring differences is also one of the most glaring faults in that second rate internet browser that Microsoft likes to call Internet Explorer. Due to it's inability to display anything correctly, it has become the bane of many website designer's existences. Take this very forum, for example. In a better browser that can display things correctly (Mozilla's Firefox, Google's Chrome) you will see this:

[Image: firefox.jpg]

Rounded edges on forum categories and posts - everything spaced and displayed correctly. But if you look at Microsoft's abortion (Internet Explorer) and how it manages to massacre every webpage in existence, you get something a little different:

[Image: explorer.jpg]

Boxy straight edges - things spaced incorrectly and sometimes just plain broken. We've done our best to make this website look good in all browsers.. but if you are using Internet Explorer and are able to switch to a different browser - do yourself a favor and immediately switch. You'll thank us later.

Multi Quoting:

Are you reading a thread where more than one person has said something that you want to address but you don't want to go through the trouble of quoting them each individually? Well guess what? You are lazy! But we'll help you out anyway. On each post that you want to quote click on this button at the bottom right of it:

[Image: postbit_multiquote.gif]

And like magic you'll be prompted to add your selected quotes when using the quick reply. Incredible!

[Image: glossarylogo.png]

Words That Mean Stuff

In this section you'll find common words used in the community that could be confusing, sound 'inside' or otherwise confound a new member - so we'll spell them out here for you so that you'll never feel out of the loop. We're not a 'clique' type forum and we have no need to make anyone feel like they are lost, so check here if you read something you don't understand. Feel free to request any word, phrase or event be added here as well.

Admin Drama Meter - A parody image created after some random dramatic events on the forum long since forgotten - it is now posted ironically and without context whenever something goes right or wrong just for laughs.

[Image: drama.png]

Avatar - The personal icon you can choose to be displayed above every one of your posts and on your profile, and definitely not that furry enabler movie that Cameron released in 2010.

Flower Shoes - Heralded by community member Naavar as a brilliant (and stylish!) purchase - his posting of photos of his newly acquired footwear ended in page upon page of harassment from the community. To his credit he still claims to this day that they were a wise choice. Behold, exhibit A:

[Image: shoe.png]

Life=3 - A 'web comic' created and drawn by community member (and Super Villain) Johnny Famous that follows the exploits of community members and sends them on ridiculously entertaining adventures. Previously known as "Spam Or Die".

Mastermind - Our custom name for the site owner and administrator, Mr. Classy. If you need help, have a comment about the website or forum or just want to offer a suggestion feel free to contact him. Rumor has it that he's a pretty personable guy when he's not tying damsels to train tracks like an old school silent movie villain.

Nash-ism - Phrases named after our community member Nash who often times enjoys a language of his own design. Often times it will be followed by [Image: tinfoil.gif]

Super Villain - Our custom name for the staff or moderators of this forum. It's a natural progression being that we call our members Villains, right? Contact one of them if you have questions or need help.

Villain - Our custom name for our community members. As you've probably noticed, we tend to have the sort of 'anti-hero' theme going with our community and the name for the members of it is no exception. Plus, it's alot less boring than being called a 'member'. And a lot less dirty sounding, really.

Vshens - An often used abbreviation for the website and community - a shortened version of Virtual Shenanigans. You can also use to access the main page of the website if using the full name wears out your fragile typing fingers.

[Image: aboutlogo.png]

Get To Know Us More Than You Ever Wanted To

We at Virtual Shenanigans are a cheeky bunch that enjoy a bit of nonsense and a lot of dark humor. Through a combination of facial hair, bad judgment and ancient Chinese secrets we've come together in a single location to share the madness with each other and the rest of the internet. We're the home of sophisticated internet debauchery. So break out the alcohol, keep that classy pinkie out while you drink and don't forget your monocle.

Trust us, you'll look great with a mustache.
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